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Feeding Therapy in Sioux City


   Serving Siouxland with Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Services for Children.  

About Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Children

Infants and children typically gain their nutrition through drinking and eating an age appropriate diet. It can be very worrisome as a parent to experience your child not eating well or struggling to maintain a healthy weight. The ability to bite, move and chew food requires a significant amount of coordination of the lips, tongue and jaw. Medical diagnoses and delayed development of motor skills can affect the ability to feed and swallow efficiently, and does require specialized therapy. That's where Childworks Therapy Clinic can help. Our licensed and certified Sioux City Speech and Language Pathologists work with your child and family to create positive meal time routines, improve oral sensorimotor feeding patterns, and empower intuitive eating patterns in the child.


Feeding Therapy Free Consultation

Does my child need feeding therapy?

Key indicators that your child may benefit from feeding and swallowing therapy:


  • Chokes, coughs or vomits when eating

  • Difficulty chewing / swallowing

  • Issues maintaining a healthy weight

  • Limited diet repertoire (less than 20 foods)

    • Omits or refuses foods​

    • Prefers certain brands of foods

  • Mealtimes feel exhausting or dreadful

  • Medical complexities affecting oral intake

  • Pocketing / overstuffing foods

  • Transitioning to oral feeding from NG or G-tube

Get a free phone screening with one of our experienced Sioux City Speech Language Pathologists today:

During your initial visit, our highly trained speech-language pathologists will evaluate your child's vital and fundamental ability to drink and eat through formal and informal assessment. Assessments are customized to each child and may include a combination of observations, oral motor examination, and developmental history. At the conclusion of the assessment, we will share the results and make recommendations for your child that include a measurable treatment plan. The length of time your child may need therapy varies from child to child.


What to Expect in Feeding Therapy

We work with you and any other medical professionals (Dentists, Orthodontists, ENTs, Gastroenterologists, Allergists, Primary Care Physicians, etc.) to determine the best plan for success.

Common Disorders that Benefit from Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Cleft Lip and Palate

  • Developmental Delays

  • Down Syndrome


Baby Led Weaning & Starting Solids

Are you feeling overwhelmed by starting solids with your baby and don’t know whether to start with baby led weaning or puree feeding?
We provide individualized coaching sessions* to parents wanting to know the basics of how and when to start solids with their baby.


One introductory 30 minute phone call with parent or caregiver.


One mealtime virtual call.


Printable educational resources for starting solids.

Contact our office today to set up a starting solids parent coaching session with one of our infant feeding specialists. 

*Disclaimer: While we are licensed speech-language pathologists specially qualified to assist you and your child with feeding, it is imperative that you understand that Parent Coaching is an educational service, meant to empower and educate you, and help guide you through very minor challenges with feeding. These coaching consults are NOT a speech or feeding service, even though we are speech language pathologists. They are NOT intended to evaluate or diagnose your child and should never replace medical advice by healthcare professionals providing care to your child. If you have concerns about your child’s feeding skills, we recommend you seek out an in-person evaluation and treatment by one of our highly qualified speech language pathologists or an in-state provider in your area. If you continue with booking a virtual 1:1 coaching consult, it is implied that you understand and agree with this information.

Get to Know Your Therapists

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Lea Allbaugh


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Hailey Wagner 


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Devyn Sponder


Abbie Gacke


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Melissa Cruz Saldana


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Marissa Weis 


Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Free Screenings & Appointments

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